Hardin Construction & Investment Group, Inc. is fully licensed and insured independent general contracting firm that not only delivers impressive results but prioritizes its clients.

We have been apart of building custom homes since 2004 and can handle any idea or design that you might have in mind for your very own personal home.

We know just how overwhelming a new project can be.

Overseeing a development can be a very difficult process, especially if you don’t have the right general contracting team by your side.

It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and a particular care to details in order to accomplish and follow through on a client’s vision.

Although building new construction, working on improving your home or business is exciting, we understand that success relies mainly on hiring the right team with the right experience for the job!

We have that experience.

Why do You Need a General Contractor?

Having an efficient and professional general contractor is crucial when it comes to dealing with tasks, foreseeing complications and preventing delays.

Hardin Construction & Investment Group, Inc. is exceptionally diligent when it comes to providing the quality care you need in order to realize your vision.

We will take care of all the major and minor issues so that you can focus on the work at hand, without feeling overwhelmed.

No task is too big for us, let us help you get that project started!


Our Mission

Our number one priority has always been customer service. At Hardin Construction Group it is our mission to provide a personalized, professional and cutting-edge experience to every client. Rather building a custom home, renovating/remodeling your existing home, or a commercial space, your project should be first class in every way. We know how difficult taking on a project can be! That is why Hardin Construction & Investment Group, Inc. strives to not only achieve your goals but also exceed your expectations as well.

Thanks to our work ethic, and repeat customers throughout the years we’ve been in business, we’ve earned ourselves a great reputation! Known for having an accomplished team who deliver outstanding results; our skillset and highly efficient crews, paired with our drive to be in the forefront of construction innovation keeps everyone focused and excited.

All of our employees are hard workers who will take your project to heart. Hardin Construction & Investment Group, Inc. always goes out of our way, above and beyond what is required. Our goal is to be resourceful, reliable, informative and professional at all times, while providing you with impeccable results.

Personal Bio

I (Lewis Hardin) was born in Baltimore, Maryland and moved to North Carolina at the age of 4. My first experience on a construction site was with my Dad at 3 years old. My brother and I would go to work with him and be given the task of cleaning up & carrying materials to the crew. After High school I went straight into the family business and started as a laborer. A few years later I became a manager and began running the custom home building portion of the business. I found it to be something I enjoyed very much and knew with the right people around and the right systems in place we could be one of the best at what we do.

I met my beautiful wife, Heather in 2008. We married in August of 2011. She was studying to become a dental hygienist and succeeded as I knew she would. After a few years and 3 children, she tackled the real estate world and again she does an awesome job. We decided that we wanted to work together and continue building new homes and helping other people achieve their goals. That is how our new branding came about.


Our Projects

We will always be about quality and taking the processes of our business to the next level. We’re passionate about using the best products and materials, installing them with great care, and improving the lives of the clients that have entrusted us with their home. Some of our recent projects include custom home design & builds, major home renovations, additions, as well as, commercial building remodels and up-fits.

Our Partners & Team Members

Will always treat each other with respect and dignity as we hold each other accountable to the highest standard of excellence. We will maintain clean, secure and safe job sites and earn our clients’ trust and confidence every day. All of our vendors and sub-contractors are in agreement with our company wide policies and standards of excellence. They also understand that we promote the highest quality of service and that quality is required from the entire team to guarantee a completely satisfied client at the end of each project. The client is our focus!

Our Clients

We will always listen to our clients and do our very best to meet their needs. A “custom home” means a unique home for you and your family. Hardin Construction Group will be known for being unparalleled in customer service and creating a “wow experience” for each of our customers. Our clients come to us with ideas or a vision that they’ve been dreaming up for quite a while. We join in that important moment with you to first bring it to life on paper first, then onto making the vision into a reality! It’s always an awesome moment to see the clients face light up when they’re vision jumps off the page and onto land. The best part is that we know we’ve made a new friend and a client for life.

Our Community

You will recognize our company as good neighbors who do not merely build homes but who also help build strong and thriving communities. Hardin Construction Group will lead the building industry in setting the highest standard of integrity and quality while always trying to give back in some way. We have found that a lot of young contractors with great talent and a love for the construction industry simply need a helping hand. We will be there to try to encourage, mentor & direct them using the experience we’ve gained over the years.